The African Continent

If your looking for brilliant travel ideas, look no further than Africa. A lot of negative news comes out of the continent, AIDS scourge, starvation, tribal wars you name it. I believe in changing that mentality, and looking at Africa through a lens of optimism.

There are a lot of positive things about Africa. My goal in this section is to collect people’s memorable experiences in Africa. Experiences full of positive news, great adventures, wonderful sites visited, and new knowledge attained. People will be able to share what they liked about their visits to particular countries in Africa.

In the long run, a catalog of adventures and great memories will be in view, and people that have travel plans, can go and hopefully enjoy the same experiences with their families and friends. Memories with families and friends are priceless.

Enjoy precious memories with true friends. Spending time with a true friend, is time never to be forgotten. Below is a short poem [bonus video] about a true friend.

Enjoy a precious moment in Africa with a true friend

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Discover The African Continent

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African culture is apparent in most art forms. Currently, the popular music industries of the world have embraced this culture. The hit song “Waka Waka” by Shakira and Freshly ground was inspired by a group from Cameroon. 

True meaning of African masks


When talking about the culture of Africa one cannot leave out masks. There are so many stories about African masks.

The inherent symbols of nature within Africa depicted in African decors continue to inspire the feeling and motivation of artists as reflected in the growing demands of African home furniture, and room decors.

African art and the culture that embodies it are demonstrated in fine craftsmanship. Most of the traditional, handed-down techniques applied in the creation of these decors, continue to deliver quality art pieces of home decors that are highly demanded all over the world.

It is difficult to find a gorgeous home with out African embellishments these days. African culture continues to penetrate different societies in the world.

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Beyonce embraces African culture

Recently, Beyonce has embraced the dance culture from Southern Africa. I have also been fascinated by their style, at times I think these dancers do not have skeletons. They are so agile and flexible when using their limbs. Beyonce and the Tofo Tofo boys [Mozambique] collaborate to entertain the world in the music video “Run the world”. Africa has a lot to offer, and should be looked at with more optimism. There are hidden treasures in Africa which need to be unlocked, so that the rest of the world can benefit.

The videos below show the origin of the dance moves in the Beyonce video “Run the world”.

“The boys are doing their best to represent our culture.” A quote from one of the members. He shows real humility.

Did You Know? Your guide to discovering Africa

Did you know?

Africa has 1/3 of the world’s deposits of URANIUM in 8 nations. Led by Niger, Namibia, DRC, Angola, Guinea, Ghana, Burundi and Cameroon.

Did you know?

Africa has 85% deposits of the world’s MANGANESE in 8 nations.

Led by S. Africa the world’s largest producer with 80%, Gabon, Ghana, D R Congo, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Egypt and Morocco.

Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso undeveloped.

Used in: Steel and pig iron industries, Dry battery cells, Photography, Textile, Leather, Paints, Varnish, Oil and Match industries.

Did you know?

Africa hosts 85% of the world’s most strategic mineral Chromite/Chromium.

With 80% in South Africa the largest producer, Zimbabwe 9th, Madagascar 15th and Sudan 18th.

It is used as a refractory material, because it has a high heat stability.

Did you know?

Oil in Africa:

According to AU and ADB report, Oil production in the continent is expected to rise at an average rate of 6% per year for the foreseeable future.

Did you know?

Oil in Africa:

Africa is the main continent in the world with frequent and substantial new findings of Oil and Gas.

A joint report from African Union and African Development Bank states that Africa Oil reserve grew by over 25% and Gas by 100% since the late 1980s.

Did you know?

The waters running along the west coast of Africa may hold 75 billion barrels of oil according to US Geological Survey.

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Iron - Ore In Namibia

Date..........: Sept 10, 2012

Location....: Southwest Namibia

Mineral......: Iron Ore

Quantity....: 2.37 billion tons

Lifespan....: 100 years

Company..: Namibia East China Minerals Exploration and Development

WINDHOEK, Namibia (AP) — The Namibian Press Agency reports the discovery of large deposits of iron ore that are the first found in the mineral-rich southwest African country.

The agency quotes the Namibia East China Minerals Exploration and Development company as saying the deposit of 2.37 billion tons (2.41 billion metric tons) has a lifespan of about 100 years.

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